Research Report 2018

A man in an operating room

Jay Shaw, PhD | Scientist

Safely integrating digital health solutions

Our healthcare system faces a variety of challenges trying to serve people with increasingly complex needs including multiple medical conditions along with social or psychological barriers. Jay Shaw, PhD, is focused on increasing our understanding the complex systems that make up health services and enhancing strategies to improve them for everyone, including patients from marginalized communities or those who are underserved. 

Technologies may offer solutions to some of these problems within our healthcare system, but their integration with current services requires careful study to be implemented both safely and in the best interest of patients. Shaw’s interdisciplinary research is currently focused on the implementation of these innovations including virtual care technology and new models of integrated care, that coordinate multiple specialty care services to better support patients with complex conditions. His research is currently focused on understanding how these innovations influence service delivery strategies while examining how new technologies benefit everyone.  

In order to better design policies and programs that create meaningful changes in population health and healthcare, Shaw’s research is focused on understanding the institutions that drive continuity and change in health systems. Shaw uses comparative health systems research and insights from the social sciences to look at how these changes are made in both Canada and abroad. By drawing on this range of methodology and expertise, Shaw’s research seeks to contribute both practical and theoretical solutions to improve our healthcare system.