Research Report 2018

A man in an operating room

Laura Desveaux, PhD | Scientist

Designing digital interventions to improve health

One of the most rapidly evolving issues in our healthcare system is how to appropriately design and support the integration of technology in the day-to-day delivery of care. Laura Desveaux, PhD, is focused on the policy-oriented evaluations of these complex health interventions to ensure that new approaches to care actually solve some of our biggest challenges within the healthcare system. Her research projects involve partnerships with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Health Quality Ontario, the Ontario Medical Association, the Ontario Telemedicine Network and Cancer Care Ontario among others, to ensure that key players in the system are involved in supporting local and system level change.

On her research team, Desveaux’s role is to help understand the drivers behind the success or failure of healthcare technologies and articulate what works best for whom and in what circumstances. For example, she studies how a patient’s ability to use new technology, as well as their own personal priorities or beliefs about web-based tools can help determine an app’s success in helping patients self-manage the symptoms of a chronic illness like type 2 diabetes. By addressing these key decision-making factors, Desveaux seeks to understand and optimize healthcare delivery by identifying opportunities to scale up successful solutions across the system, tailoring new interventions to the patients they serve.