Research Report 2018

A man in an operating room
Marilyn Emery, President & CEO, Women’s College Hospital and Dr. Paula Rochon, Vice-President, Research, Women’s College Hospital

A message from the CEO & VP Research

Today’s Canadian healthcare landscape is at an interesting and complicated crossroads.

We are witnessing immense clinical innovation, rapid advancements in digital health and a growing movement of advocacy for equity in our societies. At the same time, we are facing increasing pressures on budgets, a dire situation with mental health and drug addictions across the country, an aging population and increase in chronic conditions which are leading to emergency room congestion.

Solving these critical system issues will require revolutionary thinking and the courage to do things differently. It will take the brightest minds – in research, clinical care and health policy - looking at these problems in new and unprecedented ways – informed by our patients and diverse communities. It will mean investigating the obstacles that are impeding progress and finding the most effective, evidence-based solutions to improve population health, patient experience and the efficiency of our healthcare system.

This is why the scientists and researchers at Women’s College Research Institute (WCRI) are tackling the biggest challenges facing patients and the health system – in our province and beyond. They are making breakthrough discoveries that are impacting clinical practice and treatment outcomes. They are finding practical new solutions that are making healthcare more efficient and more accessible. Most importantly, their work is making our patients and our communities healthier – locally and internationally.

Our scientists are also clinicians, so they understand firsthand the difficulties that patients are facing and where the biggest health gaps are. They collaborate with other healthcare institutions, academic partners and government to leverage and share knowledge and optimize resources. They focus on important sex and gender differences, mental health factors and social determinants that are affecting patients’ health and clinicians’ ability to provide equitable, accessible care.

In our 2018 Research Report, you will read about the depth, breadth and global impact that our scientists’ work is having. We are Women’s and we are revolutionizing research for a healthier and more equitable world.