Research Report 2018

Jennifer Bernard, President & CEO, Women’s College Hospital Foundation

A message from Jennifer Bernard, Women's College Hospital Foundation President & CEO

Innately embedded in our culture of innovation is an insatiable curiosity.

The brilliant minds of Women’s College Research Institute (WCRI) embody that curiosity as they work to implement real-world solutions that address the most important gaps in our healthcare system.

With a shared vision to advance health outcomes and enact lasting change, significant support from our powerful donor community during the 2017-18 fiscal year was directed towards groundbreaking research initiatives. Our donors invested in the enduring curiosity of our researchers and widespread impact of their research.

Our WCRI scientists are uncovering how sex and gender differences influence diagnostics, treatment and care. They are advancing our knowledge of hereditary cancer genes to enhance screening and treatment options to improve outcomes for patients. They are addressing the important health implications of our aging population and revolutionizing anesthesia techniques to send joint replacement patients home same-day. Together, they are driving forward innovative health system solutions to improve care for our patients and beyond.

We are so proud to work alongside the staff and scientists of WCRI as they change lives and redefine how healthcare is delivered. We extend our deepest gratitude to the WCRI team, to the donors who help make this work possible and to the entire Women’s College Hospital community – a community of passionate, dedicated and infinitely curious individuals who are revolutionizing healthcare.